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Tuesday, March 14, 2023



Apologies for such a long time not posting here, life has changed
quite a lot for me in the last 2 years. This is also meaning a
change in my Creativity and Designing.
More time now and retired except for Carol Daisy Crafts. 

Silk Ribbon Embroidery has taken a step back 
 (but not forever I promise)
while I explore new interests and feed my muse a little,
after all Crafting is all about the therapy and joy it brings
 to the soul. 

It has been difficult to keep up with it all and I fully
 realise that this blog can do with a refresh and
update, so I am hoping you will be patient 
and I look forward to inspiring you with
 more fresh content. 
A sample of what has been taking up my free
 crafting time below, with so many new ideas 
floating around in my mind. You will notice that
Laces dyed or not have played a large part in these
projects and making use of the stash and repurposing of
Vintage items.

Finally the beginnings of this Blog and the visitors looking
 for assistance and inspiration has been overwhelming. 
I thank you all for the interest you have shown, and hope
 I have been of some help to you all.

Happy Stitching and looking forward to the future.

Carol Daisy

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