Detached Chain / Ribbon Stitch 
in 4 mm. Silk Ribbon  

Basis of this rosebud is a Detached Chain Stitch,
keep the ribbon as flat as possible to obtain a
full bud.
Stem Stitch is added in embroidery thread.
Two ribbon stitches to form the calyx.
Two small straight stitches at the tip
of the bud in green thread ( or the colour of the bud ).

Ribbon Stitch Bud 
in 4 mm and 7 mm. Silk Ribbon

Create two Ribbon Stitches ( 7 mm )

Slightly crossing over at the tip.
Like an almond shape.

Make calyx from 4 mm. Green Ribbon
in Ribbon Stitch. Create the two outside
stitches first then the centre stitch.
Once again two straight stitches at the tip.

Carol Daisy


  1. Beautiful examples, thanks for the instructions:)

    Ann Flowers


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