Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial - Jonquils

Jonquils - Narcissus Tazetta -
( tazetta an Italian word meaning small cup )
Jonquils blooms are in white, cream and yellow, and have a lingering perfume.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Jonquils stay in bloom forever.

I have created these flowers in 4 mm. ribbon and as a
suggestion it is best that the ribbon being used has a
slight stiffness to it. This will help when forming the
When Embroidering such small flowers, it is just as important
to work the ribbon stitches around a centre as you would
with a wider ribbon.
The position the needle is brought up for each petal, will determine
the way each will form.
Also, slide the needle under the ribbon each time to flatten out
your ribbon as much as possible.

Step 1. Using 4 mm Green Ribbon
create the framework for your flowers. I have added the stems
by tightly twisting the ribbon and taking the needle through the
ribbon to hold it down. Add a few long Ribbon Stitch Leaves,
to approx. half way up the stems.

More leaves can be added when the flowers are completed,
if you feel it is needed to balance out the embroidery.

Step 2. The flowers consist of
6 petals, coming to a point at the tip.
(As shown previously, pull the ribbon away
from the hoop to make them pointed.)
The centres are one French Knot in yellow 4 mm ribbon.
Add a few buds with a single ribbon stitch, with green
thread back to the main flower.
Add some more leaves at this point if you wish.

Carol Daisy


  1. Congratulations for your blog!And thanks so much for your tutorials and tips!
    Surely I'll follow you! I like very much SRE and I began trying it very slowly...- here silk ribbons are uncommon and when found very expensive!
    (sorry my English)

  2. your flowers are very beautiful! I enjoyed your tutorials, though i have not tried them myself.

  3. Wonderful... really amazing & beautiful, thx & regards from me @Semarang - Indonesia