Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial - Loop Flower

Flowers made in Loop Stitch

You may use 2, 4, 7 or 13 mm. Ribbon to make Loop Flowers. If you wish mark a circle for the centre
 of the flower, approximately the size of the bead or

pearl that will be added on completion.

( Using an erasable pen ) Naturally, you need to increase the centre with the size of ribbon being used. This is needed to allow room for the threaded ribbon and allows for the petals to be flat.

Also mark the position of each petal.

If using this diagram, the ribbon comes through the
 outside mark of the circle, is taken over the rod 
and put back down inside the circle.

Hint: Cut 2 lengths of dowel ( approx. 10 cms in length )

to work this stitch. Sand the ends well, so as not to snag the silk ribbon. 
Chop sticks can be used, but they are not of a consistent width, so petals
sizes can vary. Loop Stitch is done with a continual flow of ribbon and 
is easy for the ribbon petals to move, as you are working on them. 
Because of this I use the dowel rods. The loops are kept of an even size 
and it stops the previous stitch pulling through.

                                                                                                                                      Step 1: Take Ribbon from outside of circle over the rod, to the inside

of circle. Take care the ribbon is completely flat. Flatten out at the base,
by running the needle under it.

As in Ribbon Stitch tutorial. 
Keep tension on the ribbon, so that it is firm around the rod. 
If you do this every time, the petals will all be a 
uniform size.

Step 2: Repeat this step with the 2nd. rod.

Step 3: Remove 1 st. rod, for use in 3rd petal. 
Keep working in this pattern till all loops are done.

Step 4: All petals done stitch down the ribbon end
at the back and add a pearl centre. 

Other options: Small cluster of seed beads, French Knots
in Thread or Ribbon. This flower is in 7 mm. Ribbon. ( 6 Petals ) 
If using 4 mm. ribbon the flower would be smaller or have more petals.

Have some fun with this stitch.
There is not one particular flower I use this stitch for, but in Australia Impatiens come to mind.

Imitate by making it a smaller size with 
5 petals.

With a loose French Knot Centre.

Carol Daisy


  1. simple to make but very lovely result.
    thanks for this tutor

  2. I found you via Pintangle this morning, and am ecstatic! I wish I'd had you when I was struggling with irises - I'll pass you along to my blog readers, who seem intensely interested in SRE - mostly on needlepoint.

  3. Très belle Inspiration, merci
    J'ai mis votre lien sur mon blog

  4. Fab lovely flowers give a realistic result xxx


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