Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery, SRE

Silk Ribbon Embroidery ( SRE )
has been practised since the 17th. Century.
It fell out of favour for some time, BUT since the late 1990's is back in style.
These days there are many types of ribbon to choose from, with a wide variety in colours, textures and widths. Silk is the most suitable because of it's soft texture and shapes well, but other types can be effective in different situations.
One of the options you have is Cascade House Silken Ribbon ( 4 mm. only ) made from cow's milk.
Protein is extracted from casein that is finally woven into a ribbon. It looks like silk,
feels like silk and
stitches like silk at a slightly lower cost.

When you are first learning this technique, use a fabric with a weave that will allow the needle and ribbon to pull through easily. I find for my beginners that a linen is the best to use, the threads move aside well and still looks effective. On a more advanced project you cannot beat Dupion Silk.
The look with the Silk Ribbon and Silk Fabric is rich and luxurious, and the colours *********
You can use satin, cotton, organza, velvet, denim, moire and other silk blends, but take care as
the threads pull in some fabrics.

( eg. Spider Web Rose with Ribbon Stitch Leaves )

You may be a person who requires a kit, pattern and supplies all chosen for you, OR
you may find inspiration around you. Once you start on SRE, it is amazing how it can open your
eyes to flowers, nature and art you see each day. You may find ideas in a book , your garden,
scrapbooking pages, ceramic tiles, in a piece of fabric, or on a greetings card.

Crazy Patch / Quilting is a blank palette just waiting for the addition of S R E.
adding an extra dimension to your work. With the addition of embroidery stitches,
embellishments such as lace, buttons, beads, transfers, sequins etc. you have
a beautiful way of creating your own style and design.
This to me is a more useful and enjoyable way of learning new stitches than in our
school days with a sampler. You can go wild with colour and choices.
For inspiration visit some of the chosen sites on the side bar of my blog.

I know there are a lot of scrapbookers out there
( sorry I am not one - only from lacking in time)
but ribbon embroidery can also be applied here. The embellishments that you are purchasing can be handmade with so many more options just from scraps you may have in your kitty. Five Petal Flower is one such flower. 


  1. I just found your blog by googling "silk ribbon embroidery blog" since i wanted to find others who share my passion. I am delighted to find a fellow aussie. I will have a good look through your posts. I am new to blogging, please check out my little silk blog too.

  2. Thank you for your tutorials on Ribbon-work..I just finished the first 2 spider roses I have ever done and I am so happy with the results. I am a member of an organization that making tiny baby burial gowns and bonnets for local hospitals and I wanted mine to be really when I found your site on Pinterest( which is my very favorite past-time, lol) and saw this work, I was ecstatic! Thanks again for all you do!