Sunday, September 30, 2018


Here are the results of time in the Craft Room today.

More Silk Ribbon Project Kits, Loads of Options in 

Colour and Ribbon Width.
 Silk Ribbons-Embroidery-Craft-Supplies
May I ask these questions:

1. Has Silk Ribbon Embroidery been on your to learn list.
2. Was the thought of the cost involved part of why you        have not tried.
3. Do you find selecting a colour scheme difficult to              make.
4. Do you feel you need some instruction.
In answer to these questions the Project Packs are an economical way to begin and my Blog Silk Ribbon Embroidery and You Tube Channel Carol Daisys Craft Room can guide you through the Stitches and Design. 
Give it a go you might surprise yourself.