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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Design Loop Flower

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Project

Lemon Blossom Gift Bag and Bon Bon

Can be used as a set or individually.  

Silk and Lining 50 cm x 22 cm. 
Organza 20 cm x 35 cm (doubled )

Finished Sizes
Bag 24 cm x 18 cm. 
Bon Bon 20 cm length.

Stitches Used: Stem Stitch, Ribbon Stitch, Loop Flower, Detached Chain Stitch,
Y Stitch, French Knots, Lazy Daisy, Y Stitch Leaf.

Materials Needed: Silk Organza, Lining for Bag, Ribbons – Organza and Silk, Threads,
Beads, Needles.

 Hoop, Pellon, Sewing Threads, Fillings for Bag & Bon Bon.

Instructions: Pre-wash all Ribbons, dry and iron on a low Silk Setting. Meanwhile
transfer the design on the fabric, using a light box or by taping the pattern to a sunny
window and placing the material over it. Use a water erasable pen or dressmakers
chalk. Place a piece of wadding or pellon a little larger than your design onto the back
of the fabric and tack this down. ( This applies to Silk Bag and Organza Bon Bon )

It is best in the case of the Loop Flower to complete your other work first as it gets
difficult working around the loops of ribbon. First step, work the small daisy's in the
gold ribbon in Ribbon Stitch, allowing a small circle in the centre and work around
this. When completed stitch on a bronze bead. 
Next step, with 2 strands Cream Thread work the Lazy Daisy Leaves. 
The Fly Stitch Leaves are next with 2 strands Variegated Green Thread. 
Starting from the top make a small Fly Stitch as in Stitch Instructions and repeat this
increasing the size as you go to shape the leaf, complete the stem with Stem Stitch.

Using the Yellow or Cream 7 mm. Ribbon, make the Buds, and add a Y stitch in Green
Variegated Thread and Stem Stitch the branch. Once you have completed all the buds.
Make small French Knots scattered ( does not have to be exact to the pattern)
with 1 Thread of the Bronze Metallic.

Loop Flower: Take a 25 – 30 cm piece of the Yellow or Cream Ribbon, Use option 1
for threading ( this is the most secure way ). Work around the inner circle. The ribbon
will be pulled through outside the circle and with eg. a rod, pencil or chopped sticks,
wrap the ribbon under and over the rod and back into the material inside the circle. Pull
the ribbon firm around you rod, leave it there while you make your next stitch with another
rod and then pull out the first. This stops the ribbon from pulling through and shortening the
first stitch. Continue in the way until you have made 6 Petals. At the back of your work
take the needle through the wadding and stitch off. Complete all Loop Flowers then add
the beads, lemon for the cream ribbon flowers, pearl for the yellow flowers. If you need 
to trim the pellon back closer to the embroidery, but take care not to cut the fabric.

Making up the Bag: Wrong sides facing stitch a 2 cm seam each side. Turn back to right
side. Wrong sides together of the Lining stitch down one side with 2 cm seam allowance.
Opposite side make a 2 cm seam allowance make leave a 8 cm. opening. Put the silk
bag inside the lining with the lining seams facing out and the silk right side out.. Stitch
a 1 cm. Seam around the top of the bag. Pull the bag through the gap in the lining flatten
out the article and press with iron on silk setting. With matching thread slip stitch the
opening closed. Push the lining inside the bag and press down again. Decorate with a
Organza Ribbon Bow.

Making up the Bon Bon: Fold the material in half, right sides facing, with a 2 cm seam
allowance down the longer side to make into a roll. Make the filling from wadding stitched
into a roll or fill with potpourri. Allow 10 cm each end. Fold the ends back to have it 5 cm.
Each end doubled over. With matching thread ( doubled for strength ) and tacking stitches
gathers the ends and tightly end off. If you have filled with wadding you can then add a
few drops of fragrant oil. Tie both ends with an Organza Bow.

Links to assist.     Loop Flower
                            Threading Needle 
                            Detached Chain

Gift Bag Design Width 11 cms. Depth 7 cms.
Bon Bon Design - Width 8 cms.  Depth 4 cms.

Carol Daisy

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