Monday, August 31, 2015

Free Design 5 Petal Flower


Potpourri Pillows

Five Petal Flower Tutorial 

Five Petal Flower
Ribbon – 7 mm. Pink and Mauve for Five Petal Flower.
7 mm. Fawn for Fern
7 mm. Green for Leaves and Calyx
4 mm. Lilac for small Daisy

Thread - Fawn Thread for Fern Stem.
Pink Thread for Bud Tip.
Bone Thread for Lazy Daisy Leaves of Daisy.
Beads - 5 Pearls for Centre of Flowers , 1 Lilac for Daisy.

Five Petal Flower: Transfer and prepare as instructed for Pansy.

1. It is best to complete the Five Petal Flowers First. Using the diagram in the

Sewing Instructions, cut the ribbon into 16 cm. Lengths ( 3 – Pink +

2 – Mauve ). Pin or mark into 6 even spaces. With matching cotton

thread knotted at the end make small tacking stitches as shown, the thread

must finish on the front and then loop over the ribbon bringing it through from

the back and continue tacking. It is important that the cotton loops over, as

this is what pulls the ribbon up to shape the petals. Repeat until there are

5 boxes of tacking. Pull up to form the petal, stitch the last petal firmly so

as it will not come loose again. Then after shaping it into a flower, stitch the

ends together. Leave cotton attached to sew it on to fabric later. Make 5 in

this manner.

2.  With Fawn Thread ( 2 Strands) do Stem Stitch for Fern Stem and Leaves are
in Detached Chain in Fawn Ribbon.

 3. Small Daisy in Lilac Ribbon 4 mm. ( Working a clockwise direction)
 and half daisy are next. 

4. With Pink 7 mm Ribbon make Detached Chain Buds, 2 Calyx in Green 7 mm. 
 Ribbon and small Straight Stitches in Pink Thread at the tip. 
The Leaves of the Small Daisy are in Bone Cotton ( 1 Strand)
 in Lazy Daisy Stitch.

5. At this stage place your Completed Five Petal Flower in position one at a time.
 With a dressmakers awl or similar sharp object make a small hole 
where the centre of the flower will be and push the ribbon ends through.
Stitch the ends down at the back of the work, then sew in the bead for 
the centre. Repeat with remaining flowers.

6. Finish any remaining leaves and sew small lilac bead in the centre of the daisy. 


Top Pillow Embroidered -   Cut Material 2 - 12 x 12 cms Square.After
 completing Ribbon Embroidery, overlock and machine stitch to area of
 10 x 10 cms.  
Leave an opening on one side to insert the filling.
(I think it is best if you only include potpourri in the two larger bags, 
just incase it 
stains the enbroidery) 
Using small slip stitches in matching thread close the bag. 

Second Pillow: Cut 2- 15 x 15 cm Pieces Finished size 12 x 12 cms.

Third Pillow: Cut 2 -16 x 16 cms Finished Size 14 x 14 cms.

Finish off by stacking the 3 Pillows and tying with Organza Ribbon.

Check out your fabric stash and you may find many leftover remnants
 that would work well for these pillows.
Think personal gifts for Christmas or Birthdays etc.
This design could also be added to a Wedding Cushion
 or shaped to fit a Wedding Garter.   

Carol Daisy

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