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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Embellishing Images using SRE

Running French Knot Combination


Once you have mastered the Stitch Tutorials and Flowers in my earlier Postings
your next thought might be in which way can I apply these flowers to my own projects.

I have quite a few years ago embroidered these bags, pouches etc. and thought
I would put the images online for my followers to see.

These are just basic stitching ( for the beginners ) and with experience can have
much more added using your own discretion and personal taste.

It is just a few samples of how a little added SRE can be so effective.

Running Stitch Combo / French Knots

Ribbon Stitch in 7 mm

Ribbon Stitch / Hand Dyed Ribbon

Ribbon Stitch Flowers / Leaves

Running Stitch Combo

Ribbon Stitch/ Lazy Daisy Petals

Organza Ribbon with French Knots

 Hope these can encourage you to take your SRE to the next step.

Carol Daisy

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