Monday, March 4, 2013

500 followers Celebration Giveaway

Well as you probably realised by now my daytime job has
taken me away from blogging regularly, but I am giving a 
promise that postings will be on the increase.

And meanwhile my number of followers has been increasing
to the point of  ALMOST (500), which  has caught me totally 
by surprise.

It is heartwarming to see that even though I have had  little time
to add tutorials, the blog has been visited by new readers and 
still supported by the regulars.

My driving force to begin this blog was to put the Craft of Silk
Ribbon Embroidery out there for anyone wishing to give
this embroidery style a go and as a guide 24/7 if you needed 
inspiration with designs, flower tutorials or help with any difficulties.

Needless to say I have been touched by the amount of interest
and support shown from around the world.
An added bonus has been the numerous Online Friendships and
a broader view of the Craft and Embroidery World that I would not
have touched upon without the blog.

Now to a more serious subject, this definitely has to be a Celebration
and am still considering the Prize to be offered.


Daisys Garden Online Store 

Happy Stitching 
Carol Daisy

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