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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foxgloves in Silk Ribbon

Foxgloves - A Beautiful Majestic Flower.

I have used photos taken at the Carnival for inspiration,  
as where I live in the sub tropics they are never seen.

This ribbon has varying shades from soft pink to a crisp
white. Leaves are in 7 mm. Sullivans Moss. 
Because of the loose nature of this stitch, you will 
require approx. 60 cms. of  Silk Ribbon for each 
completed flower.  I feel it is worth it though, don't you.

Step 1:   Embroidery thread to match the Green Ribbon,
      work a row of Stem Stitches for the stalk 
 approx. 7 cms.

Step 2:  With the 7 mm. Pink Ribbon I have made each                     flower head with a very loose French Knot
            taking the needle back through the ribbon at 
            the base. 
            Taper the flower heads, starting with 4 at the
            base, then 3, thinning out at the tip for the new     


Step 3:      I have added Fly Stitches in the green thread,
around the new buds to the stalk.

Step 4:    Add French Knots ( 3 wraps ) in  Kreinik Metallic     Thread in each flower head.
 ( Leave the smaller bud knots ) .

Step 5:    Leaves in Ribbon Stitch.


Carol Daisy


  1. I can't wait to try one of these. I'm working on a reticule (a class at Quilt U) and I'm sorry I am almost done or I'd scrap some of the flowers I've done and substitute these. I'll just have to make something else. Great tutorial.

  2. I think its wonderful....the work is great....How simply and very graceful manner ou create these lovely flowers....!!!
    Thanks for Sharing with us..i surely try these

  3. wow, thank you so much for such a gorgeous pattern and for all the tutorials on your blog. I bought a silk ribbon embroidery kit but can't follow the instructions, so when I get a chance to get it out again, I'm coming back to your blog to see how to do it!

  4. this is super cute madam!!!so nice....

  5. This is really beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Thank you for being so generous with your information. Truly exquisite.

  7. This is very cute. Thank you for sharing!