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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tutorial - Delphiniums in Silk Ribbon Embroidery


Delphiniums are a hardy perennial, beautiful and tough.
They are normally associated with large, English-style gardens. 
Tall and stately, delphinium flowers come in purple, white, pink and blue.

Not a flower you would find in the area where I live, but I still enjoy 
embroidering them in ribbon.
As a group in an embroidery, varying in height and colour, they are so effective.

Hand Dyed Ribbons work well with these, the colours change as you create.

You will need:

7 mm. Ribbon - colour of choice
( solid or hand dyed ) Approx. 1 Metre
7 mm. Green Ribbon - 1 length
Green Embroidery Thread
Ecru, white or cream Embroidery Thread.

Step 1: Work a line of stem stitch for the centre stalk .
Mine is 5 cms. in length. Not necessary to be a straight line.
After all, the Delphiniums are not perfectly straight.

Step 2: With 7 mm. Ribbon, the flower heads are made
with a very loose, 1 wrap French Knot. Take the wrapped
needle back through the Ribbon close to the fabric as below.

Step 3: Place the Flower Heads in an uneven pattern
starting from the base for approx. 3 cms. Now make
the French Knots a little tighter and smaller at the tip.
Leaving some of the Green Stem showing.

Step 4: With 2 Strands of ecru, place 2 wrap
French Knots in the centre of the Flower heads.
The Base wraps are loose, getting tighter at the tip as
in the ribbon. Miss the top Knots, as being
the bud, the centre of the flower would not
be seen.

Step 5: A few French Knots are now added to the
tip and the spaces between the Flower Heads
in the Green Thread.
Step 6: I have added some more stem stitch to the
base and Ribbon Stitch Leaves.

The French Knots help to keep the Flower Heads
more securely in place, even when washing.
The example is in 7 mm. Ribbon, but is just as
easy to do in 4 mm. ribbon as I have done with
the Mon Francais Jardin - Wheelbarrow Kit.
which is part of the Introductory Kits Range
from " Daisys Garden".

Carol Daisy


  1. very beautiful and inovative

  2. Thank you for posting this!! I am just starting out with ribbon embroidery and it is so lovely.