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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wearable Art by Julie Thornton

( Constructed Mask and Dress of Silk, Polyester, Velvet and Lace,
Metallic Thread and Beads, pieced and appliqued and free
machine-embroidered for the Sydney Art to Wear Exhibition. )

These are photos of Wearable Art exhibited by Julie Thornton
a textile artist based in Rockhampton. Julie has received National
and International recognition for her garments. The exhibition was
held in the Rockhampton Art Gallery and has just closed, enabling me
to take photos of her dresses, bags, shoes etc. to show you what
I was totally in awe of when I first walked into the Art Gallery.

There are many more photos, so I shall add them to my blog over the
next few weeks.

I feel Julie can be an inspiration to us all.
With a dressmaking background she has taken her stitching
in hand and machine embroidery
into a whole new creative world.

The avenues for Embellishing your garments are endless as
you will see in the photos I will be adding.

As an artist, your creativity is found in your use of fabric,
beads, fibres, lace and embroidery and  Colour with which
to obtain a unique artwork.

As Julie has said " An important moment was discovering the exciting
technique of free machine embroidery, which opened up a whole new
world of possibilities for her to create these unique gowns".

She has also used Silk Ribbon Embroidery in different features of these art works.
Check out the Posting Cinderella's Shoes.

In my tutorials I have been concentrating on the Basic Stitches and Flowers for the
time being, but there are so many applications for Silk Ribbon Embroidery. These
I hope to explore in the future.

Carol Daisy

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