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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hints - Undoing Knot in Ribbon

Just noticed the bougainvillea in flower. Looks beautiful,
pity they have to be
so thorny.
While working on an embroidery I got a knot in my ribbon,
so I thought I would pass this hint on.
This can happen at times either, when you want to take out
a previous stitch
or have made a slight error.
You may have already realised how to do
this, but incase there is someone out there, this may be of help.
This saves your ribbon, as leaving the knot in will definitely show
in your work.

You will notice a curved pocket on the lower edge of
the ribbon. Take your Chenille Needle, eye end in backwards through this pocket.


Re thread the ribbon through the eye of the needle
and pull it back through. You will have a small hole, but with some manipulating
this will close over.

Carol Daisy

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