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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lazy Daisy Stitch , Detached Chain


For those of you who have used this stitch before will know how EASY and  VERSATILE this stitch can be.
When working Lazy Daisy Stitch in ribbon it is known as Detached Chain.

Firstly the Lazy Daisy in Thread:

Loop the thread around the needle and pull it through. 
You now have a link, forming your first petal. Take the needle through to the back, just below the loop.
This anchors the petal down. For the next step come back up close to the first and repeat.
Continue in this manner till you have a full circle and completed flower.
The thread is brought through from the back of the material and re-inserted as close to this point as possible ( Without catching the needle through the thread ).

  The length of the petal is    determined by the 
  distance the needle is          taken through.

Loop the thread around the
 needle and pull it through.

You now have a link,
 forming your first petal.

                                                                  Take the needle         through to the back,
           just below the                     loop.                                    This anchors the
           petal down.

 For the next step come back up close to the first and repeat.               

Detached Chain in Silk Ribbon

Detached Chain Stitch is done in much the same way.
It is best if you only use between 2 and 4 mm ribbons in this stitch.
The wider ones are not suitable to shape the petals.
The material may be held in an Embroidery Hoop or free in the hand.
If using a hoop the stitching will be in stabbing 
up and down manner.
It is too difficult to take the needle across.
Your fingers will soon testify to this.
When using the ribbon I personally prefer the ribbon
 to be flattened out and smooth.
This gives a fuller petal. Whereas if you leave it with a twist that is what you get in the petal. Take your finger into the loop before pulling it
through and straighten out the ribbon.
Take it a little slower than if you were working with thread, and you will have more control over the shaping of the petal. 

I have included some examples of what you can achieve with this simple stitch:
The flowers I worked on this carry bag are all Lazy Daisy Stitch with a few french knots added for the centres and base. The different effects are obtained by changing the size, colour and directions.

Ribbon is used to make up this Flower Spray in Detached Chain, and the buds and leaves are done in the same stitch.

Free Design of the corsage above by linking through photo. 

Just look what you can do with Hand Dyed Ribbon.

Detached Chain has been added to the
leg hem of a pair of jeans and beads added as you go.

Australian Wildflowers in SRE.
The Centre flower is called Flannel Flower using 
7 mm. Silk Ribbon.
The only difference here is the Detached Chain is completed with a Bullion Wrap and a straight stitch 
of Sage Green 4 mm Silk Ribbon on the tips. 
( For instructions go to Leaves in SRE)
The smaller pink flowers are Boronia and the French Knot clusters are Wattle.

Carol Daisy